(Pre-Order)Free Range Bronze Xmas Turkey

(Pre-Order)Free Range Bronze Xmas Turkey


Our FREE RANGE BRONZE XMAS TURKEYS are reared to the highest of standards here at Old Hemp Farm.  All our birds have access to large grass paddocks throughout the day, with shelter available from the elements and predators


As we are only small producers and only have a limited supply of birds please be aware that weights cannot be guaranteed but we will do our best to get as close to your desired weight as possible. Most birds will be between 5-9kg

All birds are Priced Per KG

Turkeys will be Oven Ready and available FRESH from the 23/12/2021. Delivery can also be arranged. Please check delivery charges in our Delivery Section.


Whole birds £10/KG

Crowns £12.50/KG


Outstanding balance due on collection or delivery.



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    You are purchasing a FREE RANGE BRONZE TURKEY. £5 Deposit Non -Refundable. Outstanding balance due on collection or delivery.